“If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and at ease with itself and Earth’s gravitational field – then you will understand the goals of Structural Integration.”- Ida P. Rolf, Ph. D


* Improve posture and body shape
* Improve overall balance
* Enhance physical performance
* Greater range of motion and flexibility
* Relieve stress
* Reduce effort in activity
* Look and feel younger
* Enhance body awareness
* Increase energy, vitality, and fitness
* Balanced tone throughout the tissues
* Alleviate chronic pain, tension, and rigidity
* Easier and fuller breath capacity
* Move more efficiently and fluidly
* Improve athletic performance and prevent injury
* Expand sense of wellbeing
* Improve quality of life and embody long-lasting health and radiant wellbeing

Every person’s overall structure is unique and I strive to reveal every client’s natural alignment and balance in order to forge a healthy relationship with gravity. Results vary for every individual and his/her experience of the 10-series is subjective. Clients generally report a handful of the listed benefits above, however, they often emphasize the emotional, more intangible benefits that occur from the Structural Integration series. Because Structural Integration serves to align the whole person – the body, mind, and spirit- leads to profound change holistically in clients.

Often times clients report more personal, emotional, and spiritual benefits such as feeling more comfortable in their own skin, experiencing a newfound pleasure in the use of their bodies, feeling more emotionally stable and mature, deeply realigned with their goals and future, having a healthier and optimistic outlook on life, expressing who they are more authentically, managing stress and negative emotions easily, embracing an overall happier and improved quality of life, and various accounts of higher awareness of the self.