A Definition of Structural Integration aka Rolf Technique

Structural Integration’s main goal is to balance the human form with the Earth’s gravitational field. In other words, we’re taking the body from a contracted, confused state to an open, balanced state.

Millennials Embrace Alternative Medicine

Young people are generally healthy. But when 36-year-old Jessica Rich was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year, she didn’t choose the conventional medical treatment and prescription drugs that would have attempted to slow the disease’s progress, prevent disability and … Continue reading

Meditation: Natural Pain Management

I’ve always found it curious that most of us are inclined to take care of our bodies through exercise and movement while paying less attention to our psycho-emotional health. Of course, exercising the body directly benefits the mind, keeping it … Continue reading

My Experience of Transcendental Meditation (TM): It Works

Meditation. It always had a nice ring to it. People you know or friends of friends you’ve met who regularly practice some sort of meditation always sing its praises. These conversations always drew out of me a vague but interested … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips for Office Stress Relief

I hear it all the time. Office stress is the pits! Especially if you’re plugging away at an office job for a living. We all know the inherent stressors that are found sitting in front of a computer for 40+ … Continue reading

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