Science of the Shoe

Whether you’re a casual jogger or a serious sprinter intent on smashing records, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of appropriate running shoes. But with such a wide choice available, selecting the right pair has almost become a science itself. … Continue reading

Sitting is More Unhealthy than Smoking

I know I know. Everyone is talking about it and it’s apparent that sitting is more unhealthy than smoking. I like this infographic because it explains the physiological harm of sitting. In other words, it gets into how the functions and … Continue reading

Is A Standing Desk Better for Your Health?

So standing desks are in vogue nowadays. The news that sitting is killing us is so pervasive in the media so this naturally leads us to wonder what we can do to counteract all the sitting we do in our … Continue reading

Exercises that Help Battle Pain

Pain nagging you? Don’t banish your exercise plan just yet. There are a few rehabilitative fitness regimens that can help put you on the road to recovery. See to it that you enjoy a particular exercise so you it’s conducive to … Continue reading

How To Talk About Pain

LONDON — IN 1926, Virginia Woolf published an essay on pain, “On Being Ill.” Isn’t it extraordinary, she observed, that pain does not rank with “love, battle and jealousy” among the most important themes in literature. She lamented the “poverty … Continue reading | 917.622.3941
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