Learn How to Conquer Pain

By Ted Swing, Ph.D.
Chronic pain can affect people’s lives in many ways. They may stop doing the activities they used to love, spend less time with their friends and family, and experience negative feelings. Unfortunately, these changes can become self-defeating as the lack of activity may make the pain worse or recovery slower. Negative feelings […]

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4 Simple Steps To Get Great Posture

Our posture both reflects and creates how we feel and how we live, so obviously good posture is so important! When it’s not so good, we often feel more sluggish and weak, but when it’s good, we feel great! We have lots of energy, and we’re strong enough to do anything we want.

Since our posture […]

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Beginner’s Guide on How to Get Active

Everyone should be active in some way, especially as our modern technology filled life keeps us seated for too many hours a day. No matter what your current fitness or activity level is, there’s so much research that shows us that balanced nutrition and a consistent approach to being active is a great long-term strategy […]

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The Cure for Sore Muscles? More Movement.

Throw away your ice packs and ibuprofen if you want to recover right.

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. RICE has been the go-to treatment plan for pain and soft tissue athletic injuries since the term was coined in 1978. The method helps relieve pain by stemming inflammation in the RICE’d region. But in March, the man who […]

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Holistic Medicine: 6 Websites for Finding Natural Healing Advice

More than 40 percent of adults seek some form of holistic therapy, or alternative medicine, when dealing with their physical health, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The growing popularity is guiding more medical research dollars to projects that seek to determine if there is a scientific basis for what the medical world calls CAM, or complementary […]

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