Resolve Your Pain. Dissolve Poor Posture. Evolve Your Body.

Are you tired of struggling with chronic pain, tension, rigidity, and nagging injuries?

Are you seeking personalized one-on-one attention while treating you like a human being?

Have traditional healthcare methods only offered temporary relief?

I believe you’ve come to the right place and have found the most effective solution to jumpstart your path back to optimal health and balance. Give yourself much-deserved praise for committing to your wellbeing. You are ready to take charge of your own health.

Minki Kim Structural Integration (also known as ‘Rolfing’) offers compassionate, transformative bodywork, empowering movement awareness education, and the psychophysiological connection of the mind and body to those seeking optimal function of their bodies

The Structural Integration 10-Series helps chronic pain sufferers, athletes, and people searching for healthier posture, balance, alignment, and functional ease throughout the entire body to:

  • Relieve body stress and tension (see illustration)
  • Enhance structural balance (see illustration)
  • Finally see the last days of your nagging pain, tension, and rigidity issues
  • Do the things/activities you love most with joy and effortless ease again
  • Dramatically restore and reorganize your posture so you feel lifted and supported by gravity instead of its forces compressing your body causing bodily tension
  • Experience private 1-on-1 sessions based on visible, tangible results, and not based on time
  • Be treated and seen as a real person with your own unique personality and history
  • Find clarity and gain insight on challenging transitional phases of your life
  • Enjoy an integrative, thorough, ‘big-picture’ bodywork treating your entire body from head-to-toe
  • Discuss and explore how your mind, body, and spirit are all pieces of the puzzle to make you feel whole
  • Unveil how your psychology and thought patterns creates physical stress
  • Empower yourself and learn how to use your body smarter, not harder in everyday activities
  • Boost athletic performance and bolster your favorite sport and/or activities such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, golfing, running, playing the guitar, etc | 917.622.3941
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